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Marketing | Creating to Build a Strong Brand Identity

The old 'quick Eddie' pitch doesn't work anymore. Marketing strategies that evoke emotion and at the same time demonstrate how your product or service will make their lives easier will perform substantially better than just listing what it is you have or do and saying how good it is. You need to delve deep into what it is your 'widget' or service is provides that is valuable. You need to answer the 'why' your product exists, and why does it matter?

For example, if we look at traditional marketing, and I'll barrow this example from Simon Sinek who gave an intriguing Ted x Talk that is definitely worth watching, the ad would look something like this:

If you're marketing strategy looks anything like this the only thing you're doing is encouraging anyone who sees it to do nothing but download the baddest ad blocker on the market. It's uninspiring, and evokes zero emotion within anyone that views it. We're not saying that you shouldn't be telling people that it holds 15,000 songs and has 14 hours of battery life, but instead of just listing some stats, that let's be honest, most people don't care about them. What they do care about is why those stats matter and what it does for them, you show them why it's valuable, and how this amazing piece of machinery will change your life. Granted, it is a bit more difficult to demonstrate this in a print ad, but it can be done.

Now, what happens if the ad was like this...

Now this, is an awesome ad. It shows someone, almost literally, jumping for joy while listening to music. It uses colors that have specific meaning. It evokes excitement, happiness, joy, and simply has their logo modestly places in the top right of the image. The 'traditional' ad shown above is putting the cart before the horse. Get your target market inspired to learn more about your products and services before you start rattling off all the stats. If you can inspire your target market then you will win.

Short, sweet, simple.

Connecting on an emotional level to your target audience is what the goal is.

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