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10 Essentials for Killer Marketing That'll Set You Apart

1. Consistency

Keep your campaigns and your message consistent. If you're message is about how awesome your customer service is make sure that you hammer that point home. Consistency doesn't only apply to the message that you're delivering, but also make sure that the voice you're using to deliver that message is using the same kind of tone. When we speak about tone we are talking about the way that you're delivering the message (is it humorous, serious, friendly?).

2. Social Media

Don't underestimate the power of social media. Make sure that you are delivering the same type of message in a similar tone throughout your social media platforms. If your marketing is sending a similar message on multiple social media platforms there is a greater chance that you're going to reach your audience. Even if your target market isn't doesn't respond to the first 'touch' from your marketing campaign you're doing something even more important, you're becoming familiar to them. Sure, it's a one way conversation (you to your audience), but the more they see your logo, brand, ad, or whatever it may be the more you are becoming validated as a legit supplier of that product or service without them even being aware of it.

3. Be Creative

There is nothing worse than delivering a sales pitch the same way that everyone else has delivered (and most likely) the exact same sales pitch. So get creative. Do not underestimate your creative power house team members because they can be worth their weight in gold. If you're running a fairly small company (or even medium) you could encourage an open forum so that anyone and everyone that feels that they may have a good idea bring it to the table. No idea is stupid. The only stupid idea is to say ideas are stupid.

4. Relationship to the Customer

When we say 'relationship to the customer' we are not talking about whether or not you feel comfortable talking about personal things with your customer. When we say 'relationship to the customer' we are not talking about whether or not you feel comfortable talking about personal things with your customer. We mean make sure that your marketing strategy can relate to your customer and their needs. Cramming how awesome you are down the customers throat isn't going to work because they don't really care how awesome you are. They care about what void in their life you are going to help them fill. It's wise to fully understand your target market. This can be done by painting an exact depiction of who your customer is (male, female, what kind of car do they drive, age, where they live, religion, etc..).

5. Web Presence

This kind of goes without saying but you need a web presence. Typically, under most (and we don't see why you wouldn't either way) circumstances you want a web presence that you're proud of, and at the very least should include a website that's awesome.

6. Content

This is one of the working parts of good marketing that just takes time. You (or someone else) have to sit down and actually create content that’s relevant to your target audience. It's extremely important that you craft quality content, and you aren't just creating content for the sake of making content. Because nobody will can be a struggle and also coming up with the time it takes to just sit down and actually do it. However, having content that provides value to your audience is essential if you want to develop any kind of relationship. Because when you are giving your target market information that they can use, who do you think they’re going to come when they need something related to what you do? Most likely you

7. Access to Analytics

You should have access to all of your analytical data. This includes your conversion rate, impressions, and so on. This is important so that you know whether or not what you’re doing is working or not. Because if you don’t have access to your data then whoever does should be providing you with all of the information needed to make key decisions that can be used to make changes (sometimes small changes have huge impacts). If you do not have access to this then you are (quite literally) flying completely blind. Making random changes may result in positives, but it’s highly doubtful that you’re going to be able to bring all the amazing pieces together to create website that is completely mind-blowingly amazingly optimal

8. Hire an SEO expert

Just having a web presence won't send your marketing into overdrive. You need to have your website SEO optimized, and at the very least you need to have your basic web page SEO that anyone can and should do taken care of. If we built your website this is something that we include so you won't have to worry about this, but most companies do charge a significant amount of money for these very basic SEO fixes. Basic SEO can usually be done by anyone that has access to the website code or web host can do, and doing it yourself can save you a good amount of money to spend on other things for your marketing campaign.

9. Create an Experience

The old 'quick Eddie' pitch doesn't work anymore. Marketing strategies that evoke emotion and at the same time demonstrate how your product or service will make their lives easier will perform substantially better than just listing what it is you have or do and saying how good it is. You need to delve deep into what it is your 'widget' or service provides that is valuable to the viewer. You need to answer the 'why' your product exists, and why does it matter?

This is an incredibly valuable point which we felt warranted an article just on this subject.

10. Strong Brand Identity

Create a logo that jives with your brand. Use that logo, and don't go trying to mix it up on everything. How can people begin to associate you with anything if you keep changing things all the time. This doesn't mean that logos don't change over time, but the key word there is over time not over a single ad or marketing campaign.

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